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Time Zone Publications

We have been publishing articles, magazines and books for a number of years, over the coming months we will publish our entire back catalogue..

For details of all of these publications please contact Frogg Moody

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Fisherton History Society publish 6 magazines a year on the history of Fisherton Street.

For more information please visit their FaceBook Group Page

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By Frogg Moody and Richard Nash

Hold Tight tells the story of the music scene in Salisbury from the immediate post-war era through to the end of the 1960s. Popular music and culture developed quickly and dramatically during this period and the book sets the local scene within the context of changes in style and popularity. The story moves from the dance band era, through skiffle, rock 'n' roll, pop, merseybeat, rhythm 'n' blues, the mods, phychedelia, the blues boom and progressive rock, picking up the influences of styles such as jazz, folk and soul along the way.

"Intriguing, funny, poignant and even scandalous as any in British pop’s rich tapestry." RECORD COLLECTOR

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By Frogg Moody and Richard Nash

Endless Beat followed on from Hold Tight and tells the story of the music scene in Salisbury from the early 1970s through to the end of the 1990s. Popular music and culture continued evolving during this period and Endless Beat sets the local music scene within the context of the changes in style and popularity. The story moves from the progressive rock and glam era, through punk and heavy metal to the indie era, as well as offering a local perspective on the Stonehenge Free Festival.

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By Frogg Moody and Bruce Purvis

Salisbury, October 31st 1908. This date heralded Salisbury's most infamous murder case, unsolved to this day. A young boy lay dead, his mother was arrested for the murder, and Scotland Yard was brought in to help investigate. Enter Chief Inspector Dew, who had hunted Jack the Ripper, and later arrested the notorious Dr. Crippen to gain world wide fame - Scotland Yard's first International superstar! Timezone's Frogg Moody spent many years researching the case and engaged the services of writer  Bruce S. Purvis. This meticulously documented account includes previously unpublished scene of crime photographs, the personal thoughts of Chief Inspector Dew and fascinating new evidence. 

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By Frogg Moody and Richard Nash

The magnificent medieval city of Salisbury is steeped in history..... and hauntings. From unnerving accounts of apparitions to eerie encounters with spirits, this book reveals the dark story of Salisbury and its haunted hinterland. A whole host of ghostly characters are said to haunt the area. Among those examined in 'Haunted Salisbury' are the 'Demented Whist Player' who still walks the floors of the famous Haunch of Venison, and the tragic lovesick ghost of Zeals House.

Featuring some of the city's iconic buildings, and drawing on a variety of historical and contemporary sources, this book will entertain everyone interested in the city's paranormal history.

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By Frogg Moody and Perry Harris

Frogg Moody is also a true crime historian and has studied the case of Jack the Ripper for many years. Indeed, Frogg was the driving force behind a London society dedicated to the study of Jack the Ripper. Later, he teamed up with the artist, Perry Harris to produce the graphic novel,  Autumn of Terror.


Whitechapel 1888. The blood-red skies ushered in the Autumn of Terror with panic on the streets of London. Inspector Frederick George Abberline is under pressure to capture Jack the Ripper. He failed, or did he?

"I cannot help feeling that this is the man we struggled so hard to capture 15 years ago"


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