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I am a writer, researcher, and historian who just loves doing a bit of detective work to discover unusual and surprising stories from the past.


If my Michael Caine impressions were better, then I'd be telling you 'Not a lot of people know that!'


I met my 'current' husband, Frogg Moody, at a Jack the Ripper Society in London and, after he hit me over the head with a club, and dragged me to Salisbury, I fell in love with both him and the City.


Our first date was at the Haunch of Venison pub, and it set me on a long quest to find out about the old place - not merely the architecture, but the people who had lived there, and the characters who had drunk there. My first book ' The A-Z of the Haunch of Venison' will be published at the end of this year by Timezone publishing.

You can find out about just one of the past landlords here.


I am fascinated by colourful personalities, with a local connection, and I give talks on 'Highwaymen' and the 'Executions of Fisherton' to local History Societies. 'Highwaymen' gives a general background, covering Claude Du val and Dick Turpin, but focusses down on some local stories, and in particular Thomas Boulter. 'Executions' follows the crimes, trials, and executions of some of the men who died at what is now St Paul's Roundabout, but was once the site of Salisbury gallows. Please contact me if you would like me to 'tell all' to your Society.


I am currently finishing a Scriptwriting course at Bournemouth University, and am working on an interactive family show about magic, crime, and the golden age of radio called 'The Magnificent Baroushka', which will be produced by Timezone productions and the Midnight Theatre Company.


I can't wait until Lockdown restrictions are ended and Timezone can get a new walking tour back out there! It is such fun working with Matt and Frogg, dressing up, and enjoying an evening in your company!

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