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Matt has a unique delivery style that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go till he stops speaking.

A big fan of hands on history and the power of storytelling, he has been researching and writing about the background of his home city for many years. 

After discovering his young family’s home was built on the site of a disused jail yard, and the gruesome unsolved murder, of a Victorian child happened 10 yards from his garden shed on Halloween , he decided to roll up his sleeves and dig deeper into Salisbury’s past. 

 A chance encounter at Stonehenge led to a strong friendship being forged between Matt and fellow history fanatic’s, Ruby Vitorino and Frogg Moody.  After months of comparing notes and swapping historic tales over a beer on Sunday nights. They decided it might be fun to write and present their first Halloween walk, to their great surprise it sold out! 

After this success they wrote more and more tours, each one getting more adventurous than the last. Nowadays after 7 years working together, using state of the art image projections, sleight of hand, music and even nerf guns to get the story across.  

Matt is well respected in his field, well … one in particular, working as a custodian of Stonehenge for the last 7 years, Matt knows a thing or two about the world’s most famous prehistoric monument and its surrounding valleys.  

His love for tugging at the ribbons of history that surrounding Stonehenge and his natural gift for storytelling, has led to Matt delivering lectures for history societies, national and international university students, as well as featuring on BBC radio and television,  and being regular Special Guest on American Radio Network KCOR. 

Matt has had the pleasure of giving guided tours many famous souls and their families over the last few years, from global music superstars like Alicia Key’s and Ozzy Osbourne, too all out history legends like N.A.S.A Astronaut Buzz Aldrin the second man on the moon.

In 2019 Matt was invited by English Heritage to become The First Official Writer in Residence at Stonehenge. During which time he produced a well-received book of local myths and legends as an inspirational educational project, enlisting the help of local school children.

Matt has also recently finished writing a new walking tour, that allows guided access to a unseen parts of the Stonehenge landscape that lie on protected private land, and will unlock the secrets of the stunning hamlet of Lake.  

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